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Felt Roofing Installation

Are you considering a felt/bitumen roof? Peak Roofing can help!

Felt is a great solution for your flat roofed building.

Peak Roofing have found that torch-on felt or bitumen is the most popular material for flat roof environments.

A felt roof system includes felt and bitumen, which is sometimes called tar or asphalt, and which has been modified with stabilising additives. Bitumen is an excellent roofing material with outstanding waterproofing abilities.

This roofing system has been tried and tested, as well as developed and improved, for many years. The result is an outstanding solution for a flat roofed building, especially when it’s installed by the experts at Peak Roofing using superior materials and high-quality workmanship.

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Why Choose Felt Roofing?

The many advantages of felt roofing include:

  • Long Lifespan—Advancements in felt roof technology mean a properly installed felt roof has a lifespan of up to 30 years or more.
  • Affordable Price—Felt roofing remains one of the most affordable roof systems due to wide availability of materials and ease of installation.
  • High Durability—Felt roofing is flexible, waterproof, and resistant to sun damage, so it retains its effectiveness and attractiveness for many years.
  • Easy Maintenance—A felt roof is easy to repair, and when repairs are needed, they blend well with the existing system and do not affect the roof’s appearance, longevity, or durability.

If you’re considering a replacement flat roof, a felt/bitumen roof from Peak Roofing may be the ideal choice for you.

Alternatives to felt include EPDM rubber roofing and GRP/fibreglass roofing, but our specialists at Peak Roofing have found that felt/bitumen roofing is typically the best choice for most flat roof environments.

Let the friendly and courteous professionals at Peak Roofing give you the impartial advice you need as you make an informed decision and purchase the best possible flat roofing system.

The experts at Peak Roofing use only the very best flat roofing materials, and our installations are always performed to high professional standards, with minimal disturbance and in a clean and tidy manner.

We provide a 20-year guarantee on all of our flat roof installations, including felt/bitumen roofing.

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