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Roofers Hucknall

Peak Roofing are top roofers in Hucknall. We have more than twenty years of experience and are your local roofing experts. We’re efficient, reliable, and offer competitive pricing – which is probably why so many people in the local area love our services.

Roofing Installation in Hucknall

We don’t just hire any old roofers. Our team comprises of specialists who have the necessary skills to produce quality results, every time. We are expert carpenters, have knowledge of different roofing materials, and understand the tactics required for effective roof work. Our roofers are also detail-oriented and have extensive training in how to use machinery and equipment.

Because of their extensive experience and training, our roofers are also able to tackle any project. We can install bespoke roofs for new builds and on loft-converted properties, and replace old roofs on existing buildings. In short, we have you covered, no matter what type of work you want to do.

Local Roofing Services

Peak Roofing provides a wide range of roofing services, all performed by experienced, licensed, and insured roofers.

New Roofs

Our new roof service either builds or replaces an existing roof on your property. Choose from multiple styles and materials to get the perfect match for your property.

Emergency Roof Repairs

Emergency roof repairs include replacing lost tiles and damaged shingle, restoring damaged masonry, or replacing roof sections after a fire. We can also assist with smaller repairs, including leaks.

Fascias and Soffits

Fascias help to regulate your home’s temperature, while soffits are small holes that prevent moisture buildup by allowing air to flow through small holes in the bottom part of your roof. Both are terms used to describe the external finish of your building where the roof ends. Our team can install new fascias and soffits to keep your home warm and moisture-free or replace any that are damaged.


Our re-roofing services remove your previous roof and install a new one. You can either keep the same design and materials as before or change them. With us, the choice is yours.

Guttering Repairs and replacement

Guttering is highly susceptible to damage. Therefore, we offer repair and replacement services, designed to get them looking ship-shape again. If the damage is beyond repair, we can install long-lasting gutter replacements, protecting your masonry and foundations for years to come.

Roofing Maintenance

Our roofing maintenance services extend the life of your roof and keep it looking its best. We check for cracked or missing shingles, remove moss and mold, ensure that your insulation is in tip-top condition, and keep your gutters clean.

Types of Roofing

Peak Roofing specialises in the supply, installation, repair and maintenance of many different roof types.

Pitched Roofs

Pitched roofs are a type of roof comprising two sides that slope downwards at an angle from a central ridge. Most residential dwellings use this roof type because it lets them quickly channel rainwater into surrounding gutters. Pitched roofs tend to have steeper angles in areas with higher rainfall.

Slate Roofs

Slate roofs are a type of high-quality pitched roof made of slate stones mined in quarries and then expertly cut to size, usually by hand. Slate is a natural material and can survive for more than a century. It is attractive, extremely durable, and environmentally friendly.

Tiled Roofs

Tiled roofs are usually made of terracotta (cooked earth), but are also sometimes made of concrete and slate. Tiled roofs use multiple interlocking tiles to create a rain-proof barrier between the top of the home and the elements. Depending on the material, tiled roofs are long-lasting, affordable, and attractive.

Flat Roofs

A flat roof is a roof that lacks a ridge. These roofs are typically made of asphalt and have a very slight slope for drainage. Flat roofs tend to have lower construction and repair costs and are energy-efficient. Some varieties are also convertible into roof-top gardens.

Fibreglass Roofs

Fibreglass roofs are a popular type of roof made of glass-reinforced polyester, a composite material made of fine glass fibres and high-strength plastic. Life expectancy of these roofs is around 20 to 30 years. They are popular because they have a seamless surface (reducing faults), minimal ongoing costs, and low-maintenance requirements.

Felt Roofs

Felt roofs are water-resistant roofs that create a barrier between the roof deck and the elements. Common materials include polyester/fibreglass or wood cellulose. Felt roofs are popular because they provide extra weather promotions and can help improve the fire rating of shingles.

Rubber Roofs

Rubber roofing is made of plastic polymers, rubber, or a mixture of the two. It is significantly stronger and less likely to crack during extreme weather events than other popular roofing types. It can also be eco-friendly, depending on the type of rubber you use.

Local Roofing Company Hucknall

Peak Roofing is your local roofing expert. We have more than 20 years of experience in the roofing industry. We offer a wide range of roofing solutions and offer free, no-obligation estimates for all jobs, regardless of the size of your project.

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